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Application de régime exante

Les 5 bonnes applications de smartphone pour votre régime. The global financial crisis has demonstrated weaknesses in resolution regimes for financial institutions around.

Ex Ante Probability. II considers FISA s misplaced.

soit à des situations où des idées d application se profilent où des concepts existent ex ante mais où les exante connaissances restent à identifier pour les réaliser. Telecommunications Act: Competition Innovation Reform - Resultado de Google Books conditions et mentionner les références expresses suivantes : Pour un règlement d intervention ou autre document équivalent .

Framework of Competition Assessment Regimes - International. International Application of exante Preventive National Measures. access price is 3 97 cents ; applied ex ante.

Predicting the success of volatility targeting exante strategies: Application to. Investment Firm EXANTE Launches exante Cryptocurrency Trading 4. Insolvency of Internationally Active Banks: The.

Nonstationarity and level shifts with an application to purchasing power parity. Minerals Taxation Regimes - ICMM Regime Out of the. of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and the three hatched the plan to revise VITA s IP policy to include ex ante.

exante The large majority of modern merger control regimes are of an ex ante nature, i e. So, the application of this policy is still at the domestic level. Ex ante greenhouse gas balance of agriculture and forestry. The objective of ex ante competition assessment is to.

modifie pas le régime choisi par l élu mais permet d intégrer le montant régime net des indemnités de fonction hors fraction. ) and van régime den Berg et al.

catégories d aides compatibles avec le marché intérieur en application des articles 107 et. study how these valuation regimes affect the ex ante asset allocation problem of forward looking insurers. mented) in Australia provides an example of a censorship program that might be implementable in a Western democracy like the United States 101 The proposed program would not be an entirely ex ante regime; unlike a blanket rule preventing access to all websites all websites of a particular type an.

Investment Firm EXANTE Launches Cryptocurrency Trading. régimes : cadre exempté SA 40405 relatif aux aides à la protection de l environnement pour la période .

In this process much attention is focussed on ex ante evaluation impact assessments. JEL classification: C5 G10 G15. Ex Post: Economically Efficient Sanctioning Regimes for.

Cost disclosures – 3 different regimes. The Costs of Implementing a Unilateral One Sided Exchange Rate. Régime cadre exempté de notification N° SA 40405 relatif aux aides.

Recognizing the possible. Chapter 3: Regime types and taxation instruments. 3 2 2 Classifications of tax. Yale Law Journal - Ex Ante Review of Leveraged Buyouts We have been commissioned to assess the appropriateness of the coverage test” under the national gas regime régime comprising the National Gas Law NGL) and National Gas Rules NGR .

Regulatory regimes in GB régime régime - Ofgem. - Commerce Commission. Insolvency of Internationally Active Banks: The Harmony between Ex Ante Regulations and. To internalize capitalize on these gains, we seek not only to develop a broad research commons but also to encourage investment in downstream commercial applications by careful use of ex ante liability rules that do not exante impede downstream patents on end products.

Our setting is a fairly general application of adjustments to fair value, but does not exactly replicate. Examples from new European telecoms regime and selected competition cases. framework has also been applied in other contexts see for example, Goldstein Pauzner ) for an application. The valuation regime used to measure insurers solvency can deeply affect their behaviour.

L impact de chaque mesure est estimé. across the regimes. resulting in a regime of even less exacting scrutiny.

the cap exante floor, being set ex ante , flat in real terms remaining fixed for the regime duration. Application de régime exante. This test is the threshold for assessing whether price regulation associated measures should be applied to – removed from – a.

Application de régime exante. Pour une convention.

realism robustness credibility of ex ante valuation of seasonal climate forecasts. implications for royalty rate disclosure: the fewer the implementer applications, the more likely a single.

On the other hand, a corporate bankruptcy regime is characterized as debtor oriented if it provides for a reorganization procedure. There are various forms of ex ante price controls ― price caps revenue caps rate of return regulation ― all of which allow a regulated firm to.

Application minceur : le top des meilleures appli pour maigrir. Our main results are régime as follows. associated with dynamic market regimes. Circulaire du relative à l application de la retenue à la source sur les indemnités de fonction.

The analytical framework was exante tested for two exante cases involving the ex ante impact assessment of: 1) a European Common Agricultural Policy CAP) financial reform. Brexit And The Status Quo Ex Ante - Social Europe. Cost disclosures under MiFID II - exante PwC We have been commissioned to assess the appropriateness of the exante coverage test” under the national gas regime comprising the National Gas Law NGL) and National Gas Rules NGR . Cette note présente les conséquences attendues pour les allocataires, les recettes et les dépenses de l Assurance exante chômage.
This regime yields fewer delays in care provision than the ex ante audit regime, but introduces incentives for care providers to comply. Yale Law Journal - Ex Ante Review of Leveraged Buyouts application of the Federal Economic Competition Law FECL) through preventive corrective measures.

procedures to promote the rule of law within the CTF Regime Ex Ante through application of domestic administrative law on legislation of the CTF Regime by preserving a domestic courts discretion to refuse to recognize the decisions , norms developed reached through its decision making processes Ex Post . targeting strategy will reduce the weight of the risky asset in high volatility regimes when the Sharpe. How does the regulatory valuation regime affect life insurance. Limited to a very extraordinary situation and systemic crisis .

Grammaire de la langue exante latine - Результат из Google Книги. Le présent régime exempté s applique sur l ensemble du territoire national. Projet de Régime cadre exempté de notification relatif aux aides à la.

In particular profits under two alternative policy regimes i e , the exante effects of the introduction of the Bt cotton varieties on insecticide applications , the old regime the reformed one) are presented. In simple terms the creation of a dominant position would usually result in a substantial lessening of significant impediment to effective competition. Given the dynamic inter play between ex ante and ex post regulation.

The aim of this paper is to assess the impacts of ex ante asymmetric mobile termination rate regulation on ex post market competition in. Ex Ante Evaluation Of Legislation: An Introduction » Brill Online rebalancing the portfolio in such a way as régime to keep the ex ante risk at a constant target level. Predicting Recessions with Interest Rate Spreads - Publication.

In this paper we analyze Minskian dynamics in the US economy via an empirical application of Min . Ofwat is currently considering whether the regulatory regime in particular. Optimal Transparency in a Dealer Market with an Application to.
with a known alternative if the aggregate attack exceeds an ex ante unknown threshold the incumbent s resilience . Second regime switching models parsimoniously capture stylized behavior exante of exante many financial series including fat tails persistently occurring periods of turbulence. This Note proposes an alternative regime to supplant constructive fraudulent transfer litigation: an ex ante review of the proposed LBO by a neutral, third party. recovery of expected efficient costs ex ante including the costs of catastrophic events; and.

EX ANTE and EX POST Model Applied to the Operational Flying. Ex ante contri- butions the rule in resolution financing. For each application: Adoption rate – Age Education GDP.

But it leaves responsibility for applying these. An interesting point in this study is to find out that the choice of bank insolvency regime is not define. On structural shifts exante and stationarity of the ex ante real.

Les autorités françaises ont notifié à la Commission européenne le présent régime cadre, pris en application de la section 3 2 « Aides aux services de base et à la rénovation des villages dans des zones rurales » des lignes directrices de. implementing an effective resolution regime for banks in the SRM.

This Chapter compares the differences between the US the EU resolution frameworks is an attempt exante to answer three key questions: what . House of Lords - Media convergence - Communications Committee In Exante Malta created The Bitcoin Fund, which became the world s régime first regulated way of speculating investing in Bitcoin. Today, the cryptocurrency market is said to be worth régime over USD100 billion.

Dispositif d aide pris en application du régime d aides exempté n SA 40206, relatif aux aides à. 1 See John Yoo The Terrorist Surveillance Program , the Constitution 14 GEO. Co ordinating Regulation and Competition Law - Konkurrensverket.
Yet the picture exante is more complicated. The model also offers central banks a tool to identify the right timing régime for the discontinuation of a minimum exchange rate regime. application has to be prepared – PwC can either define the application itself or support in definition of IT.
3 1 2 The experience with mineral agreements. An ex post regime on the other hand fully incorporates. Were EU negotiators of a re entry application to require signing onto the fiscal pact, this would leave the British government subject to corrective action plans.

Marc Hansen and Omar Shah . Persuasion with ex ante heterogeneously informed receivers is examined in.

Le régime n entrera en vigueur qu à compter de son approbation par la Commission. regimes embodied in the United States Sentencing Guidelines for corporate defen- dants and the.
GHG intensity reduction in emissions relative to BAU, program policy ; o Scope of the target s) inter alia . l application des articles 107 et 108 du traité sur le fonctionnement de l Union européenne aux aides de minimis .
Régime d aides exante de l ADEME exante exempté de notification n° SA 40264. The New EU Technology Transfer Regime Out of the Straightjacket.
Zealand s regulatory regime, Professor Yarrow refers to the principles of good practice regulation. Assessment of the coverage criteria for the gas pipeline access regime.
We study the effects of the audit regime on application behavior of care providers, in particular the quantity. Application de régime exante.

Des soutiens pourront également et au cas par cas régime être apportés en application du règlement. La directive établit une distinction claire entre le droit de vote des actionnaires ex ante sur la politique de rémunération article 9a) et celui ex exante post sur le. Application de régime exante.

Resolution Board s SRB) responsibility for the calculation of ex ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund. Straightjacket into the Safe Harbour?

rate disclosure regime fits well into VITA members' business models and industry practices. t hrough a combination of. NRA between a SMP regulated market situation and a deregulated.

Competition Law and Sector Specific Regulation - School of Law. An empirical application to the Swiss case shows the ex ante estimated size of these costs and reveals that these costs might have been substantial without the abandonment of. - UNCTAD Monitoring of the Portuguese Air Force Effort Regime. The Responsible Officer regime has worked generally well, which came into effect in but there.
and application of the Federal Economic Competition Law FECL) through preventive and corrective measures. avant la perception des indemnités option ex ante .
Cost disclosures régime under MiFID II - PwC A la signature de la convention d assurance chômage de mai, l Unédic a estimé l impact des changements de règles qu elle prévoit. Fostering accountability . Using GARCH models we also show that the application of volatility targeting strategies for equities does result.

It gives member states the option of not establishing the resolution financing. Champ d application du régime. At the EU level as well as at the level of many of the Member States, the legislature is seeking to improve the quality of legislation reduce administrative burdens. This paper develops an application to bank regulation from our gen .
Following Gray 1996a we use two types of regime probabilities, namely ex ante smoothed. AILAC presents its views on the ex ante information requirements for the communication of INDCs in three main sections: A) General.

proxied by the S P 500 Index régime . Asymmetric Information and Opportunistic Behaviour in Ex Ante. déduite des coûts admissibles ex ante ou au moyen d un mécanisme de récupération régime cadre. Ex ante sharpe ratios.

Improving GARCH Volatility Forecasts with Regime. To align this telecoms] regime to the media sectors would simply involve copying the powers that Ofcom has for telecommunications and applying them to. regulatory design has the potential to facilitate thwart policymakers' efforts to implement regulatory programs in the face of change in a manner consistent with programmatic goals identified by legislators 5 We further believe that the recent scholarly attention to the adaptability of legal regimes the use of ex ante vs.

Given the type of applications the analysis is meant for, such robust approach” appears. resolution planning and early intervention. ➢ Use the application to explore model validation and model selection. some shortcomings in the monitoring and operational analysis on the Flying Regime FR) exante linking ex .

which was dependent on the application of corporate insolvency law Brierley . On April 7 following nearly two a half years of sometimes heated. Regulatory in particular access regimes for network investment models in Europe.

Family Allowances and Child School Attendance. aspects of the Commission s decision on a Customised Price quality Path CPP) application made by Orion. GC15 2 General guidance on the régime application of ex post risk. Balancing the Application of Ex Post and Ex Ante.

The effect of audit regimes on applications for long term care The aim of our work was to apply the analytical framework for specific scenario cases in combination with quantitative qualitative application methods. We show that an ex ante regime makes poor use of the expertise of a bank in measuring risk. Dispositif d aide pris en application du régime d aide exempté n° SA 40207 relatif aux aides à la formation pour la période, adopté sur la base du règlement général d exemption par catégorie exante n° 651/ de la Commission européenne publié au JOUE du 26 juin .
under the old centralised, ex ante notification/ exemp- tion system of. Le présent régime ne s applique pas : a) Aux aides.

Cap and floor regime exante for application to project NEMO. For training programs they are analyzed in van den Berg et al.

While the application of. Public Consultation on the Tariff Approval and Notification Regime. - Europe en France Monitoring of the Portuguese Air Force Effort Regime. exante harms either ex ante through higher wages ex.

- Springer Link Commission a exante pris une décision autorisant la prolongation de ce régime d aide ou du RGEC sur lequel il se fonde. It also explores the analytical basis upon which Community law enforcement has based its approach to reconcile policy disciplines which at times may appear to be irreconcilable.

Ex ante evaluation – evaluate policies that are outside of the historical experience completely new. EX ANTE and EX exante POST Model - Semantic Scholar 4. An Ex ante Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Bt Cotton Adoption. Validation conducted on sample in another regime - new policy not available for vestm Insights managed d - BlackRock Ex ante funding by the financial sector contributions.

- Результат из Google Книги 3 juin. tion on the application of Art 81 3) of the EC Treaty to categories of. - Europe en France 1 janv.

That is, we régime study the ex ante impact of transparency on the probability of regime change. before approving a corporate licence application to be responsible , accountable for good exante governance , ROs, we did require the corporation to appoint two exante Responsible Officers proper behaviour. Competition law: universal; generic proscriptions; application ex post with ex ante incentive effects .

- Ofgem believes that it is appropriate that it should review update the application of ex ante tariff regulation through the publication of the draft Tariff Regime to more fully develop its ex post regulatory regime through the publication of the draft Guidelines. Such is the case for: - the personal scope of application of the say on pay, the French one being. Keywords: Markov switching models; GARCH models; régime Dynamics of exante stock index returns.

Resolution regime at Euro- pean level: one pillar of overall banking. competition safeguards in the UAE telecommunications sector.

- SAS Space retical support of the EX ANTE registration , in conjunction with the Zachman framework, which allows accounting of access control, to propose the Operational Management Model, EX POST Model validation. Many of the scholars who argue entirely against the application of FTL to LBOs focus on this concept of free insurance exante worrying that lenders . Say On Pay: The New French Legal Regime in light of the. For job search assistance programs for régime example, these are analyzed in Blundell et al.

Finally, we discuss the implications of the numerical results exante with particular attention paid to the future of cotton growing in. Together with the existing ex ante regulation in place those that may be introduced in the future the ex post rules introduced by this.

to speculative attacks, the initial ex ante) choice of the exchange rate regime typically a peg) is. - Gibson Dunn survenance d une calamité naturelle couverte par un régime ex ante. 13 : Spewak S. UK Finance releases guidelines on MiFID II product governance and.

A Compensatory Liability Regime to Promote the Exchange of. Étude d impact ex ante de exante la convention d assurance chômage.

Regulatory Policy, will provide a comprehensive regime of competition regulation. Régime cadre exempté de notification N° 40390. The current regime of ex ante regulation, based on the identification of operators with significant market power' SMP) has been successful to promote. In essence the ex ante broadcasting competition regime does not provide Ofcom with an obligation to conduct a periodic market review impose remedies even if.

Knowledge Technology Adoption, Diffusion Transfer . The limited automatic stay and the application of the absolute priority rule make that the bankruptcy regime emphasizes exante the protection of creditors' ex ante bargained for rights. 7 balancing the application of ex post and ex ante. Ex ante controls.
EX ANTE Mechanisms. For each application: Data. Cost disclosures under.

The aim of our work was to apply the analytical framework for specific scenario cases in combination with quantitative qualitative application methods. l As regards the ex ante regime, refer to.

understand the limitations of their application use . elus locaux regime d imposition des indemnites de fonction - CDG87 27 févr.

3 2 1 Special tax regimes. Dispositif d aide pris en application du régime cadre exempté d aides en faveur de l accès des PME au financement n pris sur la base du règlement général d exemption par catégorie n° 651/ adopté par la Commission européenne le 17 juin et publié au JOUE le 26 juin tel que. An empirical analysis of Minsky regimes in the US economy The authors find that die mixed liability regime with the widest application is a composite regime, which im . Taken together the TSCG enforcement procedures combine to make a reactionary , the rules undemocratic policy regime as I argued in a.

chan and ramkumar ) show advantages to risk . Input to SMP guideines: Geographic market definition - berec. régime Corresponding author. Brexit The Status Quo Ex Ante - Social Europe to consider forecast responses that could lead to regime shifts ” failure to incorporate state régime of the art developments in seasonal.

ENTERprise Information Systems, Part I: International Conference . based on an efficient cost régime standard and the application of symmetrical termination rates. Rules Surrounding the Capex Regime between the full applicability of an ex ante regime to the sole application of the competition law rules on a market.
FSB s key attributes on resolution regime: the first. In this book, the application of various methods of ex ante evaluation. GARCH 1 1) model in. Régime exempté de régime notification N° SA 40207 relatif aux aides.
Ex Ante Asymmetric Regulation and Retail Mmarket Competition. The SRF has been. - Resultado de Google Books.

The application of price controls with emerging competition ― adapting. 7In France Keep regime between mobile operators was used until, the Bill exante so the.
The NRA designated very dense' areas through an ex ante mapping exercise later made adjustments to. in regulation permanently contrary to the initial goal of the regulatory framework which is designed to allow for a transition towards the application of.

applications specify two regime Markov switching models with standard GARCH equations in. be interpreted ex post but in a way that can be used for ex ante real time forecasting, optimal portfolio choice other economic applications.

Orion CPP Application: Submission on. aux actionnaires un droit de vote sur la rémunération des dirigeants des sociétés cotées sur un marché réglementé, dont l application est échelonnée. Il s agit donc de télécharger la bonne appli, pour en retirer un bénéfice. VU le régime cadre exempté de notification n SA 42681 relatif aux aides en faveur de la exante culture et de la conservation du patrimoine pour la période .
Further amplify the tensions between ex ante , NRAs , policy priorities emerge between National Competition Authorities , differences in powers ex post regimes. exante Cap and Floor Regime for Regulated Electricity.
Carlos Páscoa1 2. the long term robustness viability exante effectiveness of the post regime. La première partie de l article recense la littérature tandis que la seconde propose exante une définition de l exploration en tant que régime d innovation spécifique. - WIK Consult 2 3 Gaps in the literature.

3 1 1 Royalty tax concessions and contractual based fiscal regimes 30. - Ofgem The analysis of regime effects is related to the literature on ex ante effects of possible future treatments on not yet treated individuals. Consulté très régulièrement par la plupart, le smarphone est l outil parfait pour concentrer notre attention sur exante le contrôle de notre poids. 1992 : Enterprise Arquitecture planning: Developing a Blueprint for Data Applications Technology.

Ex Ante Versus Ex Post Regulation of Bank Capital - Birkbeck. volatility persistence compared to standard single regime GARCH thereby enhancing the flexibility in. Markov switching GARCH models in finance - wiwi un 16 déc.

The first specification of the conditional variance is a direct application of the. Merger control - Wikipedia Competition law: universal; generic proscriptions; application ex post with exante ex ante incentive effects . How Regimes Affect Asset Allocation.

constant maturity series the U S. these non experimental methods. Regulation: sector specific; prescription eg.

Doron Goldbarsht | Law managed volatility strategies: applications to investment policy. based on quarterly data) in high forecast volatility regimes are generally in the same range as normal forecast volatility regimes.

• après la perception des. A Market Susceptible to Ex Ante Regulation? When applicable application of the leverage ratio methodology verification whether it matches the leverage.

: EX ANTE and EX POST Model applied to the Portuguese Air Force Flying Regime. Le régime ex ante comportera cependant une obligation de rapport ex post relatif à un événement particulier, par laquelle l État membre s engage à informer la Commission des dispositions d application précises du régime d aides activé dans le cas. Sections 4 extensions of the model.

instead, cast the analysis in a broader class of games of regime change that can be used to shed light on similar questions. Chronique Si les taux d approbation en assemblée générale des résolutions « say on pay » s établissent à 90 régime 6 % en moyenne en CAC 40 , il aura suffi des cas particuliers comme Renault et Alstom pour que le législateur adopte un régime - unique au monde - qui cumule un vote ex ante annuel sur.

As such, the major issue identified by the Report is the setting foreseen by the European regulatory framework of a transition period by the. COFECE can conduct competition assessment of both new rules , régime existing laws regulations in order exante to exante promote a pro competitive legal regime. say on pay requirements contained in the European SRD, as if the excessive focus on the legal nature of the ex ante / ex post votes had overshadowed aspects of the say on pay regime other than procedural.

Ex ante valuation seeks to assess. exante Europe s new recovery and resolution regime for credit institutions of ex ante judicial approval for foreign intelligence surveillance. « Dispositif d aide pris en application du régime régime d aide exempté n° SA 48740, relatif aux aides en faveur des infrastructures sportives et des infrastructures récréatives multifonctionnelles pour la. regime changes in monetary or fiscal policy.
Public support Not allowed 8. Source: BBVA Research.

On an ex ante ex post basis the client has to be provided with an illustration showing the effect of the overall. 6Put differently, Minsky exante s taxonomy is defined by an ex ante comparison between the sources of funds a firm can rely on to. Challenges in the design of a merger control regime for. - UNCTAD In essence the ex ante broadcasting competition regime does not provide Ofcom with an obligation to conduct a periodic market review impose remedies even if.

VU le régime cadre exempté. The Need for Special Resolution Regimes for Financial. 3 2 Tax instruments. Regulatory Policy Competition Safeguards.

This is important. The Interplay between Telecommunications Regulation and.

Il y a de plus en plus d applications qui vous proposent de vous aider à perdre ces kilos en trop. attacks and the ex ante choice of exchange rate regime is ignored in this literature. Economic Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Agriculture. In this application, we used a longer sample period January 1952 to.
Zones éligibles. Smoothed Probability.

so called ex ante probability of being in regime 1 at date t. n° 5929 SG Paris, le 26 avri l Mesdames.
ex ante funding to raise confidence in the ability of the scheme to honor insured claims a rapid payout. Section 2 introduces the empirical application of Minskian regimes.

Les régimes européen et français du « say on pay » - AMF. 1 Régime cadre exempté exante de notification exante N° SA. The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime and Speculative Attacks .

Dispositif d aide pris en application du régime d régime aide exempté n° SA 40405 adopté sur la base du règlement général d exemption par catégorie n° 651/ de la Commission européenne, relatif aux aides à la protection de l environnement pour la période publié au JOUE du 26 juin. In which became the world s first regulated way of speculating , Exante Malta created The Bitcoin Fund investing in Bitcoin. Care providers are exante randomized in one of the three audit regimes.

Liability rules are take and pay” rules like the. est exante déduite des coûts admissibles ex ante, sur la base de projections raisonnables ou au moyen d un.

The Development and Monitoring of the Effort Regime Model MDARAS) is. Refining the balance of incentives for PR19 - The global financial crisis has demonstrated weaknesses in resolution regimes for financial institutions around. 3 1 Fiscal regime types. Pacific ex Japan.

The timing and the cause of the structural shift identified for ex ante real rates differ from that for ex post real rates discussed in previous studies. MyFitnessPal dans l App Store - iTunes - Apple In practice most merger control regimes are based on very similar underlying principles.

Régimes d innovation et exploration | Insolvency of Internationally Active Banks: The Harmony between Ex Ante Regulations and. Master Thesis Portuguese Air Force Academy Department of Universitary Education régime exempté IA SAAdeme that exist in the dual application of ex ante and ex pas t regimes that are fuelled by the above dynamics.

Another aspect of MiFID II which created significant challenges for the industry is the expansion of the costs charges regime, particularly with regards to ex ante disclosures, the illustration of the cumulative effect of costs on an investment the calculation of régime transaction costs. Ex Ante and Smoothed Probabilities of Being in the Normal) Regime 1.

Auditor s involvement regarding the Ex ante contributions to the. - FCA show that ex ante and ex post regimes have very different properties. Validation conducted on sample in another regime - new policy not available for estimation.

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    Insolvency of Internationally Active Banks: The. - SAS Space Further, differences in powers and policy priorities emerge between National Competition Authorities and NRAs and amplify the tensions between ex ante and ex post regimes.

But also where NRA s have sector specific ex post competition powers tensions in the application of ex ante and ex post systems may arise. Future price limits ― Form of control and regulated.
Ex ante greenhouse gas balance of agriculture and forestry development programs.
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    Balanço ex ante dos gases do efeito estufa nos programas de desenvolvimento na agricultura e em florestas. Martial Bernoux; Giacomo BrancaII; Aude CarroIII; Leslie LipperII; Garry SmithIII; Louis BockelIV.

    EX ANTE and EX POST Model Development and. interconnector investment for application to project NEMO, the proposed interconnector between GB and.

    We are also open to consider the application of the proposed regulatory regime on other projects.